RICS Training

rics-2017The following RICS APC training and presentation material can be downloaded from this page:

RICS Global Published Guidance

RICS APC Candidate’s Guide: RICS APC Candidate’s Guide

RICS APC Assessor’s Guide: RICS APC Assessor’s Guide

RICS APC Chairman’s Guide: RICS APC Chairman’s Guide

RICS APC Counsellor’s Guide: RICS APC Counsellor’s Guide

RICS MENA Presentations (prepared and delivered by myself)

APC Final Assessment Interview – The Winning Formula: RICS APC Final Assessment – The Winning Formula

APC New Assessor Training: RICS APC New Assessor Training

APC Counsellor Training: RICS APC Counsellor Training

Fellowship Training:  Coming Soon